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Jim Neversink looserbilly genius takes us to another world which will melt you.

Sunday, March 04, 2012


... to the official website of loserbilly artist jim neversink.


to listen, visit jim's myspace.

jim neversink (2005), jim's solo debut album, had critics pronouncing him a "MAJOR talent", the CD a "benchmark album", a "masterpiece" and "the work of a true genius"; South African newspaperBeeld listed it under "albums of the decade". read the reviews here.

Shakey is Good (2008) had the critics equally taken: jim was called "one of the finest songwriters in South Africa" and likened to Johnny Cash; the album was called "damn good"; "judderingly beautiful" and "country rock at its best". it was included in album-of-the-decade lists in the Mail & Guardian and the Times. read the reviews here.

Skinny Girls Are Trouble (2010): available in stores and on line, Jim's third album was rated as "arguably Neversink's finest hour and easily one of the best South African albums released in 2010 . . . features some of the finest songs Neversink has written." read the review here.

read about the making of the album and Jim's collaboration with legendary producer Richard Lloyd here.


Jim Neversink and Shakey is Good can be bought or downloaded on a number of sites, such as emusic or one world. Skinny Girls Are Trouble is available from rhythmmusicstore.com


for a detailed biography, the best resource is the wikipedia article about jim.


for bookings or further information: email jimneversink at gmail.com. alternatively, leave a message on jim's myspace.

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